SwiftKey launches Hindi and Hinglish language support

बहुत अच्छी खबर! – स्विफ्टकी अब हिन्दी और हिंग्लीश सपोटॅ करता है!

SwiftKey, the award-winning keyboard app for Android devices, today adds support for Hindi and Hinglish to its language portfolio. The keyboard uses artificially intelligent language models to understand the context of words and help users type more accurately.

SwiftKey now includes support for 54 different languages, with Irish launching today alongside Hindi, Hinglish, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Macedonian, Spanish (Latin America) and Tagalog.

To mark the release of these languages and the 3.1 update to SwiftKey, both the smartphone and tablet versions will be on sale at half-price on Google Play. The 3.1 release includes a seasonal new theme color, “Berry”, as well as bug fixes.

Each ‘language model’ is much more than a dictionary-like list of words. To be able to offer unrivaled accuracy and next word predictions, SwiftKey’s models understand the way words work together. They are built by analyzing enormous amounts of language data drawn from across the internet. Hindi and Hinglish, a popular hybrid of Hindi and English, were produced by analyzing and filtering content from sources such as the .in web domain in India. Using advanced Natural Language Processing techniques, SwiftKey can understand the context of what a user is writing.

In addition to the language models, which enable SwiftKey to intelligently predict next words and correct your input, the app continually learns a user’s individual writing style as they type. Users can further personalise SwiftKey by syncing it with their Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or blog presences.  Due to the advanced way that SwitKey’s language technology works, multi-lingual users can enable up to three languages simultaneously.

“It’s a great landmark for us to add nine more languages, taking the total supported in the app to 54,” Dr Caroline Gasperin, SwiftKey’s head of the languages team, said. “Extending the number of languages we support is really important to us – we have a global audience and we alway seek to better engage with our customers worldwide.

“We’re calling on users who speak these languages to try them out and send us their feedback. Language models are driven by data and with smaller languages naturally there can be less to go on – making our users as vital as ever. The more people who use these languages, the better they get.”

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Users can offer their feedback on these languages here:

The full 3.1 changelog can be found here:


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