SwiftKey Note

Faster note taking, tailored to you.

What is
SwiftKey Note?

SwiftKey Note is the fastest way to take notes on an iPhone®, iPad® or iPod® touch.

Using magical prediction technology, it advances the keyboard by learning how you write to provide better autocorrect and smart next-word predictions.

SwiftKey Note gives you a powerful way to capture your thoughts, all in a streamlined, beautiful app designed to let your words take center stage.

A notebook built for speed.

Getting your notes down has never been so effortless on a touchscreen.

SwiftKey Note autocorrects and offers bespoke next-word predictions based on the unique way you use words together – in up to three languages at once.

It gets smarter the more you use it, and adapts with you over time. Connect your Evernote® account to further personalize your keyboard predictions based on your notes archive. Track your typing stats in the settings and watch your productivity soar.

<p>A notebook built for speed.</p>
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Smarter autocorrect that knows you.

Type with confidence thanks to autocorrect that you can trust, tailored to your writing style.

Magically predicts your next word.

‘Mind-reading’ note taking that intelligently anticipates what you will say next.

Learns from you.

A keyboard that gets smarter the more you use it. It continually evolves to suggest the words that matter to you today, and tomorrow.

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SwiftKey Note is the fastest and easiest way to take notes on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

For a typing experience tailored to you, download SwiftKey Note from the App Store℠ now.

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