Financial Times covers British tech scene

April 2014

Sally Davies of Financial Times writes, “Language is another aspect of the UK’s internationalism. A company that has used it to its advantage is SwiftKey, a London-based start-up that sells software to help people type faster by swiping instead of tapping.”... read article

SwiftKey named to ‘Five British tech companies to watch’

April 2014

Alex Hern writes, “The company is best known for a keyboard that redesigns typing with a smartphone and touchscreen in mind. Its SwiftKey Flow product allows users to type whole words without lifting their finger from the screen, while predicting the word they are typing before they have... read article

SwiftKey Keyboard named to ’11 Awesome App’

April 2014

Ryan Bushey of Business Insider writes, “The app learns your writing style and can quickly correct spelling mistakes. You’ll never have to worry about a friend misinterpreting a text again.”... read article

SwiftKey named to Best Productivity apps in Nokia X

March 2014

Luke Wed of Nokia writes, “The super-popular SwiftKey predictive keyboard app is available for the Nokia X as a free download. The timesaving application looks at the structure of your sentences to predict the next word, allowing users to select it rather than type it.”... read article

SwiftKey named to ‘Apps You Have To Download’

April 2014

Ryan Bushey of Business Insider writes, “The SwiftKey keyboard app makes it easier for you to send messages to your friends and family. The program is a smart keyboard equipped with an incredible autocorrect feature.”... read article

SwiftKey “Flow Hard” for physical keyboards

April 2014

Kelly Hodgkins of MacRumors writes, “Popular alternative keyboard SwiftKey, which recently began experimenting on iOS, announced ”Flow Hard”, a version of its gesture-input technology for physical desktop/laptop keyboards.”... read article

‘Flow hard or go home’

April 2014

Luke Edwards and Elyse Betters of PocketLint write, “”Flow Hard or go home” is the tag line for SwiftKey’s new smart typing interface for keyboards. Much like its touchscreen counterpart, this system will let users slide their digits about a real keyboard to type up to 257... read article


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