SwiftKey Healthcare

Powering tablets with the world’s smartest language prediction engine, SwiftKey Healthcare enables clinicians to efficiently complete accurate patient records at the point of care within the limited time available.

Documentation at the point of care

Tablets empower clinicians to take patient records from the point of care but typing on devices such as iPads can be a real pain point. Often clinicians make incomplete notes as a result and some reports have even warned of a rising “copy and paste culture”.

SwiftKey Healthcare solves this problem by putting the world’s smartest language prediction engine at clinicians’ fingertips. Built using medical data it understands the words, phrases and terminology used by healthcare professionals and makes text entry on touchscreen devices fast and easy.

With SwiftKey Healthcare clinicians can quickly and accurately document patient records at the point of care, saving precious time, all day, every day.

Clinician feedback

Usage statistics from 1,440 clinicians found:

a stopwatch

Time spent typing was cut by 47% on average, saving a typical user nearly half an hour every working day.

a stack of coins

This saving equates to $2.3m worth of time which can be reinvested into other activities.

530 million keystrokes saved

Approximately 530 million keystrokes saved by existing users per year.

increased average wordcount

Average word count increased, suggesting clinicians were able to make more detailed notes.


“You have to love any tool that allows clinicians to spend less time on documentation while still capturing critical and meaningful information.

A simple solution that can have a significant impact – why wouldn’t you deploy it?”

Ashley Wharton, Bayada Home Health Care

What we offer

We offer SwiftKey Healthcare solutions for both iOS and Android and tailor the product to suit your clinical needs.

Clients get a Productivity Reporting Dashboard to quantify time and cost savings across an organization. SwiftKey Healthcare’s system is easy to use, even for those who have not used touchscreen devices before.

Our technology’s contextual understanding of medical terminology is proven in the field. Thousands of clinicians across 10 healthcare organizations already use SwiftKey Healthcare, an advanced keyboard and language engine that is easy to integrate.

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