What does SwiftKey mean to you?

SwiftKey is more than just a keyboard – it keeps you in touch with the people who matter in your life. SwiftKey is all about the experience of the individual – every single instance of SwiftKey is different, because it learns and adapts to the way that you communicate and interact with your device.

We went out to New York and San Francisco to meet some SwiftKey fans and ask them “what does SwiftKey mean to you?”. Our gratitude goes out to the VIPs who participated in this project. We’re happy to have had the opportunity to share some personal stories and put faces to the names. So here’s a big thank you for Patrick and Andrew and Hillary-Marie and Juan and Tarik and Senén and Ryan and Michael and Kevin and Andre and Shannon and Mike. THANK YOU.

We put our users at the heart of what we do. While we want to lead innovation and surprise you with the new features and ideas we develop, we always listen to your thoughts and feedback. Hearing the impact our work has had on your life – making communicating faster, easier, more fun – is why we do what we do.

Our VIP Community is the vibrant hub of this conversation. In the last six months membership of that has doubled from around 35,000 to 70,000. We’re excited to have these new recruits on board.

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Watch this space for more cool stuff coming soon…

  • Tarik

    Sweet video!! I had a great time working with Adam. I introduced him to the 53rd &6th food cart which I doubt he’ll ship going to the next time he’s in the city haha. Thanks again for the great product! If I can help out in any way don’t hesitate to shoot me an email!


  • wickets

    thanks….this is great

  • Pete

    I prefer swype (after buying swiftkey), but am keen to try the new version.

  • Kathy

    I’ve been so impressed with Swift Key, love it. And the demo of Swift Key Flow? All I can say is WOW, and when can I get my hands on it? I can’t wait to use Flow!

  • Karlan

    I like using swiftkeys a lot, but I use swype when I am at work so I can text with out lifting up my phone. Swiftkeys flow will be amazing as long as the predictions are just as good as the regular keyboard.

  • veeranna

    I’ve been using shiftkey keyboard since long time. Recently I saved 10,000 keystrokes! Between how to use swype with this keyboard…??

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