SwiftKey team wins Bully Award

Great news!  The SwiftKey team has just won a Bully Award at the White Bull Summit in sunny Barcelona.  The Bully Awards are for innovation and excellence in technology companies and SwiftKey was chosen as a winner from a pool of hundreds of European companies that were nominated.

As part of the Summit, each company presented its business to a room full of investors, CEOs and other big wigs.  SwiftKey didn’t just win the attention of the judges but also drew admiration from the audience.  In the Q&A session following our presentation, a couple of “questions” were really just people sharing their love for SwiftKey with comments like “I just downloaded it now and it’s amazing that it knows what I’m thinking in Dutch!” and “I’ve used all the competitive products and yours is the best by far!”  Which I guess bodes well for more successes to come … go SwiftKey!

  • Jack

    Congratulations! Go James and Switfkey team!

  • Michael

    Fantastic! I’ve bought an HTC Wildfire with Android and am about to use SwiftKey for the first time (was looking into it before on a friend’s phone). My only concern was accurate recognition of password fields and concrete assurance that keystrokes in those fields are not stored or tracked in any way. Just read the Privacy Policy so that clears that up. Great product, well done!

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