SwiftKey – FREE for one day only on Amazon

To celebrate the launch of Amazon’s new Appstore for Android, we’re giving SwiftKey away in the store for one day only today – Saturday March 26. Head over to our page on Amazon to read all about it.

To take advantage of the deal, you need to have a US billing address and download the Amazon Appstore client to your Android phone. It’s pretty easy and only takes a moment, as explained here.

So, if you or any of your friends and family have yet to get SwiftKey, now is a great moment to do so!


Edit: Appears this deal kicks in at midnight Pacific Daylight Time, for all those wondering why it’s not there yet ;-)

  • Gilson

    I already have a copy for myself, which is installed on my Milestone. I’d get another license for my wife’s smartphone, but it’s for US residents only. I think it’s a big mistake! Amazon Android app store = fail! :(

  • Joe Braidwood

    Sorry Gilson – we’re told they’re working to extend coverage to other territories asap, and when they do, we’ll be sure to run another promo :-)

  • droopie

    GREAT KEYBOARD! i have sent it to everyone i know including iphone users for being lame lol

  • Arthur Tan

    I would like to have SwiftKey on my milestone.

  • twykr

    Don’t suppose the free license will cover the upcoming tablet version? And the amazing appstore is showing up for me is $1.79 currently… is there a specific timezonefor this release?

  • twykr

    Sorry…. i meant the Amazon appstore :-)

  • Tony Magnusson

    Amazon American Android App Store! Great….. apart from the fact I’m in Sweden :/

    Thanks, Joe, for that additional info about a second promo later.

  • cordell

    Why is it a fail because its only United States? Why must the United States provide the world with android apps? If you don’t gave what we have all of a sudden United States us bad, so cry about it some more. Maybe Obama will hear you and issue you a welfare check while the United States is out there propping up the world!

  • Martin

    Thanks. It’s great !

  • harshil

    No AMAZON Services for India…..????
    India has a very big market for cell phones and people are getting crazy for android phones in India…. And this is the right time to start service in India and procure the maximum market…
    Slowly growth makes people tired and faithless for AMAZON…
    Hurry Up AMAZON…..

  • Arun

    Amazon’s App store indicated that this version of Swiftkey is compatible with the Xoom, aside from my Droid X. Clearly this can’t be as I know you are working on a Honeycomb version that is yet to be officially released. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    • Joe Braidwood

      Hi Arun. I think what Amazon have done here is indicated that the app will run on a Xoom; it will, because it supports Android. However, it won’t work well — it’s not optimized for the Xoom like our new Honeycomb beta. Get the Xoom app in our VIP forum at

      As for the comment earlier praising the United States… Cordell – please realize that while we love the US, this free giveaway is kinda ironic as we ourselves are based in the UK! Cheers.

  • Daniel

    BIG FAIL… Mailed me twice about a “freebie” I can’t get…

    I got swiftkey here bit it would of been great offer to get some friends to install it too.

  • Joe Braidwood

    Sorry Daniel, our mailing list isn’t segmented by territory. Where are you based?

  • Lazzy

    Too sad the amazon appstore is currently not available in germany…

  • selcuk

    Will we be getting updates for the app? Thanks and also when will we able to adjust the sizes of the spacebar? Thanks

  • Daniel Liedström

    Please send a new e-mail when it works all over the world so all of us can try it!!

    Greatings from Sweden

    Ps. We have no polarbears…. :D

  • Goodix33

    It’s a very great idea to make free this fantastic keyboard
    but unfortunatly i’m living in France and Amazon appstore is not available.

    I’m waiting for a other promo when amzon appstore will be available in my country.

    Otherwise you could make avalaible the apk on your forum… for vip people….

  • Joe Braidwood

    Just so you all know, I am taking note of all of these requests about territorial availability. Please don’t post any more comments about this issue: it’s well and truly noted.


  • Paul Kautza

    If I am using the Beta version on my Xoom should I still get the version from Amazon today?

  • Nat

    Looks good, shame its not available in the UK

  • Randy

    Argh! I just bought SwiftKey yesterday! Damn you AppStore!

  • Greg

    D’oh! I’m in France but have the free version installed. Nice.

  • loic

    comment t’as fait pour l avoir en france? c est pas la version d’essai ?

  • Richard Garrett

    Didn’t see the free offer in time but I think I will try SwiftKey anyway. $1.79 is pretty near free.

  • Conan Kudo (???????)

    I hope you make this offer available again once AT&T users have access to the Amazon AppStore….

  • Leena Maiers

    Shortly after viewing your article ” SwiftKey – FREE for one day only on Amazon | SwiftKey “, I ultimately made the decision to save it on Stumbleupon. This is truly a wonderful material to discuss with my people

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