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Updated 12th August 2013 – get the new Beta here

Hi everyone,

We’re really excited to launch our latest beta today and it features a new set of innovative services called SwiftKey Cloud!

A lot of you have told us you love SwiftKey, but you want a way for your personalized language insights – all the words, phrases and habits SwiftKey has learnt from you – to be backed up safely, so the moment you get a great new phone or tablet, or if it’s stolen or lost, your language data is already there waiting for you. Well that’s exactly what we’re rolling out today – plus a whole lot more.

To try out SwiftKey Cloud for free, just tap on the links below from your phone or tablet to install the beta version of SwiftKey 4.2:

SwiftKey Cloud Beta (for phones) 7.6Mb
SwiftKey Cloud Tablet Beta 9.2Mb

Here’s a rundown of the three main features included in SwiftKey Cloud:

1) Backup & Sync
The words and phrases that matter to you will now be securely backed up and seamlessly synced across your devices. If your phone or tablet gets an upgrade, or gets lost or stolen, there is no longer any need to teach SwiftKey the people, places and things you mention most as you type.

2) Trending Phrases
Our technology will now analyze Twitter and other news sources to sift out the most relevant daily discussions and trending topics. Sports fixtures, news events or celebrity gossip – the things getting everyone near you talking will be captured and your predictions updated each day to ensure you have the words and phrases you need at your fingertips. It’ll launch first for US English, UK English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Korean, Indonesian and Arabic with support for more languages on the way.

3) Enhanced Personalization
We’re making it easier than ever for SwiftKey to learn from your writing style so you get next-word predictions and auto-corrections that are completely tailored to you. Gmail and Facebook personalization can be authorized in just one click and we’ve also added Yahoo! Mail, with more sources on the way.

All this is available as a free beta right now. Don’t forget to come to our VIP Community to leave us your feedback, so that together we can make it even better!

When beta testing is complete, these features will be part of a free update, called SwiftKey 4.2, for all our existing paid users and will be available for new users to purchase from Google Play, Amazon Appstore or Android PIT.

We think SwiftKey Cloud represents the next step in personalized technology. We hope you enjoy testing it out and look forward to seeing your feedback on our VIP Community.

The SwiftKey Team

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