Number one, but we’re still not done

Today, we’re extremely pleased to announce that SwiftKey 3, the latest keyboard app that we launched last week, has reached the top spot as the world’s best-selling app on Google Play.

But we’re not resting on our laurels. We’re often asked: “What’s the biggest challenge you face as a business?” Competition? Growing too fast? Financing? You’d be surprised, but it’s none of the above.

The answer is complacency. It’s people accepting the hand they’re dealt. It’s failing to challenge the status quo. We know very well that typing on many smartphones and tablets isn’t good enough. People tell us it sucks, but most of them don’t think to demand better.

That’s why it was great at I/O yesterday to see a commitment from Google to take the typing experience on Android seriously. From version 4.1 (Jelly Bean), the stock keyboard will try to predict a user’s next word as they type.

This is good news for users. In a recent survey that we ran with over 17,000 smartphone owners, the stock Android typing experience was rated at only 5.9 out of 10, compared to 7.4 on iOS or 8.8 with SwiftKey.

It’s also good news for us. Google’s commitment supports the vision we had two years ago when we launched the world’s first keyboard that learns from you to predict your next word. Since then, we’ve been working flat out to assemble a cluster of other incredible innovations that, when bundled together, create the world’s easiest, most accurate and most powerful way to type on a touchscreen.

Watch this space, SwiftKey is only just getting started.

Joe Braidwood is SwiftKey’s Chief Marketing Officer.
  • cyruz

    Congratulations. I just bought the app this week and I’m loving it. Could use a few more skins but the light one’s doing its job just fine right now. Keep it up.

  • Matthew

    This is awesome. I’ve had SwiftKey for quite a while now and have loved it so much. When the ICS update from Google came through on my Nexus S 4G I tried to use their improved keyboard but found it quite lacking in most features and the word recognition was no where near on par with you guys. I quickly converted back to SKX and registered for the 3 Beta. I really couldn’t ask for a better keyboard option! Thanks guys!

  • Christian

    I got SwiftKey X for my tablet and when SwiftKey 3 came out I got it for my smartphone too. I too would like to see more themes. I’m using Cobalt on my phone and Neon on my tablet ( I’m typing on it now). Keep up the good work!

  • NeuroMan42

    Love your app… still the FIRST and BEST purchase I have ever made on my Android phone.

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  • Kevin

    I need the % key back somewhere on the main screen please!

    I think lots of us use the % sign but it’s so hard to get to now.
    I have to click the number key then long press another key?


  • Darlington Wleh

    It’s great Android is finally stepping up to par. Sadly, I’m already hooked. Today’s love swiftkey!

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  • Tim

    There are other keyboards? Lol I was directed to SwiftKey soon after coming from a full qwerty keyboard phone. I don’t have any complaints with a full touch device. SwiftKey is better than the qwerty I was used to.

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  • ahbao

    Is there a chinese language in plan?

  • Greig

    I don’t usually write a response to these articles but this is an exception. I have been using SK since it first came out. They have been number 1 with me since day one. I want to congratulate those involved with the development of this app. You have made texting much easier and more pleasurable experience. I thank you!

    You might consider including being able to change the style of the keys.

    Again, keep up the good work!

  • jerome o

    STILL NO EMOJICONS! i know i’m not the only one who is requesting for it. i thought that you guys are going to include it to the full version of SKX3 after coming out of beta stage.

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  • Robin

    Keep up the good work! I love SwiftKey and never fail to tell people about it!

    Is this a good place for suggestions?

    If SwiftKey did these two things, then it would be perfect!

    1. MY email address contains a period. When I am entering email addresses or usernames it always puts a space in and capitalises the second part of my email address. Stock Android does not do that, so there must be a way you could prevent this behaviour…

    2. In landscape mode Swiftkey uses up the entire screen on my Galaxy Nexus. I wish it shrunk the text input field so that one could still see what was going on outside of text entry.

    Other than that – SwiftKey is amazing. And for people like myself who frequently type in different languages it is a must!!

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  • Martin Jennings

    I have downloaded the Swiftkey application for my Archos Arnova 8 G2 android internet tablet from their Appslip version of Google Play and cannot find Swiftkey in their market place anymore to purchase updates of this keyboard. Are thier any plans to add updates to Appslip soon?

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  • http://Worstupdate bearded

    Please, spend some time for reading of comments on and fix this annoying problems with display of layouts

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  • Panduan Android

    We satisfied so far with SwiftKey 3. Our request simple, please create theme that exactly look like Ice Cream Sandwich Stock Keyboard. That’s awesome

  • Sketaful

    Love your app, it’s the best ever. I do however have some probs with your latest version. The special characters get missplaced so they’re not visible on the letters. A full fix of permissions on the phone fixes this but a full permissions fix takes 20 min. :(

    Besides this its great.

    I have a small idea on some things you could keep in mind for the future thought.
    Something with ALL keyboards is the problem with getting the wrong word as firsthand choice. Adding a blacklist of words you never want the keyboard to remember would be one (quite easy) thing to add and something that would seperate this even more from the other keyboards out there.
    Another thing would be to add the possibility to not just remove the word when long-pressing it but to shoose to keep it but never have it be the first choice. This way all words you really don’t want to accidently send to your grandmother for instance won’t get picked, but it will still show up to be manually selecet for the times you actually want to use them.

    Oh sorry for the long comment. Just didn’t find a “tip” forum or anything like that :P

  • Dric64

    Firstable I’d like to congratulate all your team for this very nice job. I’m trying this keyboard under ICS from 1 week now, and I think I couldn’t be able to roll back to the stock keyboard ! Now, I’d like to inform you about some issues since I migrated to jelly Bean (Android 4.1): The prediction doesn’t work so accuratly than it worked under ICS (for example, if you miss the first letter, the prediction will fail in most cases, and globally lot of words are not automatically recognized anymore…). We are several Galaxy Nexus users having the same issue since migration to JB (some feedacks here : I hope you’ll have a chance to correct that in a next update and get back to an as nice user experience as before. Regards, Dric64

  • Phil

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring back the question mark as a fixed key on the keyboard. Or at least give us the option to have it. The right sliding thing doesn’t work 3 out 4 times… And more than 50% of my texts messags en with a ?

    Please please please. Having a fixed ? key was the reason I bought swift key in the first place.

  • Sascha

    Yeah, great for you… but

    about three or four updates since i bought swiftkey tablet for my galaxy note but still no spilt mode there. Maybe you should concentrate more on fixing known problems instead of adding or chaning the layout… would be nice :-(

  • patrick

    Still no chinese input!

  • Troy

    Why no Chinese!!

  • Kuo Kan LIANG

    I am not native in English, so even with SwiftKey, I am not typing fast. The other important reason is the inconsistent appearance of the “suggestion list”. I know that this is an FAQ. The suggestion list does not appear when it is not sure that the context that SwiftKey is invoked is indeed a text input field. Therefore, for example, I cannot use the “suggestion” function when I worked with 921 editor, with c4droid, as well as some other apps in which actually heavy and accurate typing is IMPORTANT. Well, then, in these apps, SwiftKey is no longer that much a good choice because the button size is by default much smaller than other keyboards such as the built-in ones. That introduces even more mistakes.
    What’s the good for complaining, then, if you professionals (and who live on SwiftKey) cannot solve the problem by far? Well, it’s pretty much out of curiosity. From the viewpoint of programming, this is really incomprehensible. Unless the function of providing suggestion list simply cannot be implemented when the context is not a text input field, I do not see a reason why this cannot be done. I imagine that you can just provide suggestion list WHENEVER SwiftKey is invoked, whether or not the context is a text input field. My Xperia acro s has built-in IMs which provide suggestions in ALL context, whenever I input text. I really hope that SwiftKey can make break through in this aspect. Thank you very much.

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