Introducing SwiftKey Tablet for Android Honeycomb

SwiftKey Tablet for Android Honeycomb

Hi everyone, I’m Chetan and I’ve been working on SwiftKey Tablet, our new keyboard app designed alongside Google for the launch of Android Honeycomb.

Check out our CTO Ben introducing some of the features on our YouTube video here. And see our press release for SwiftKey Tablet here!

Our team has been hard at work at work over the last few weeks to bring a new “holographic,” tablet-optimized version of SwiftKey to Honeycomb tablets and we’re really proud of what we’ve built. We’ve put all the smarts of SwiftKey and our next-generation Fluency prediction engine, together with new keyboard layouts to make tablets easier to type on than ever, with one hand or two.

Honeycomb’s backwards compatibility is unprecedented. We got SwiftKey working on Honeycomb with very little effort, though we had some changes to make when moving to a larger device! Honeycomb also handles multiple processors flawlessly, allowing us to support more simultaneous languages and more UI glitz!

We’re using Honeycomb’s brand new animation framework and hardware acceleration to create some super-slick animations that look great and don’t get in your way. When you combine this with our brand new Honeycomb-inspired “holographic” theme you get a beautiful, seamless typing experience.

It’s been a pleasure developing for Honeycomb, and there’ll be more to come. Watch this space!



  • Tim

    OK, but how about some support for the version you released for everyone last September? It hasn’t seen any significant improvements or new features after everyone bought it.

  • Damien

    Can I download it and try it on my Nook Color running Honeycomb?

  • Maris

    Will there also be a version for the Samsung Galaxy Tab?

  • tabtech

    Looks awesome for tabtlet pcs. Hope it will be available soon. Is there a beta version?

  • midtoad

    please tell me that the layout with the central number keypad is not going to be the only version available on Honeycomb! I type with all my ten fingers and that new design is only useful for thumb-peckers.

  • Bryan

    Do you have any plans to release different themed versions for smartphones? A dark theme like the one you have pictured here would be a really cool option. Thanks for all your work.

  • DaBoom

    Will you support only 10″ tablets or also 5, 7 and 8″ like Thumb Keyboard?

  • twospirits

    Looks really good.
    1-Would this be available for other tablets via the market?
    2-If so when?
    3-Would other languages be available, such as German, Spanish, etc?

    Looking forward to using it.

  • Dave Nattriss

    Sounds awesome – do you have a video of it in action? :-)

  • Dave Nattriss

    Oops, just saw the 51 second preview, though would love to see the animations mentioned, assuming there are others not shown in that clip.

  • Zarvox

    I presume is Honeycomb only ?

  • phrough

    Would love to beta test that for you on my nook color. :)

  • Leon


    We spoke to one of your guys at the MWC in Barcelona, and made a nice video of your demonstration of the Swiftkey version for tablets (on the Xoom).

    It’ll be on our website soon!

    Thanks for the demonstration and hope to keep in touch.

  • Chris

    I just received my NotionInk Adam tablet and would love to test out your SwiftKey for tablets. Is there a way to join the beta process?

  • Adam Bath

    Any idea on a release date? I’m missing SwiftKey a lot on my Xoom!

  • Joe Braidwood

    Thanks for all the comments guys. We’re working hard to get this ready for general release. In the meantime, please sign up at and I’ll approve you. We’ll soon be looking for Xoom-specific testers.


  • Rick Andrews

    New xoom….sign me up! I just registered-

  • Jef

    I just signed up for the VIP. I jut picked up a Xoom and would love to check out the Swiftkey version for tablets

  • jm9843

    Registered at….

    Looking forward to being approved by an administrator so that I can soon test this on my Xoom.

  • Nathan B

    I’d love to beta test. I love this keyboard on my Dell Streak, and I got a Xoom too and love it. Sign me up!

  • nic

    Just signed up. Got a moto xoom and this app looks great for the way I hold mine.

  • MRoach

    Still not on market? When can we expect this for our new Xoom’s? Even if you do a beta it would be nice to give it a try.

  • Norcalguy

    Got my XOOM but still no Swiftkey?? Any kind of an eta?

  • Joe Braidwood

    We’ll be launching the beta for VIPs soon. As for Market release, it’s difficult to be sure.

  • Norcalguy

    Just signed up for VIP… my thumbs and XOOM can’t wait!!

  • pawces

    i’m using a galaxy tab. Any way I can get this as well? any beta for us non-xoom folk?

  • domingo t.

    Just signed up… can’t wait to purchase full version for my xoom

  • chriscogan

    Just signed up, would love to test swiftkey tablet on my new xoom, love swift key beta on my droid inc

  • Scott McCreery

    I want your swiftkey tablet for my zoom. Why can I not get it?

  • vamp6x6x6x

    Can’t wait for launch of this.

  • steve z

    using a vizio tab1008 and trying to turn off auto correct with no luck. the
    auto correct makes corrections that are not right and no matter how hard i
    try it refuses to do what i want. please give us choice on turning off auto correct.

  • Alan Alfonsoe

    Shop on mobileandfun. Purchase and enjoy Instantly on your Android tablet (Tablette android) without the hassle of syncing.

  • Bertje Smolders

    Yeah that is right I guess. Are you guys still updating this swiftkey? I found a website , they talk about the swiftkey to….

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