Building APKs with different features from a single source

This one is for the Android nerds out there!

Today, at DroidCon UK 2011, I presented the TouchType way of dealing with configuring Android APKs. We’ve come up with a clean framework to generate different APKs from a single source tree according to given feature requirements. (Our system is a bit clever than the slides suggest, but it gives you a good basis to start from.)

Download the presentation slides here

My question to you is this: If we open-sourced our framework for APK configuration would you find it beneficial?


  • Conan Kudo (ニール・ゴンパ)

    I would definitely find it beneficial!

  • Gene R.

    Yes, I would find it beneficial and appreciate the kind gesture.

  • rock3r

    Of course we would!

  • Sarp

    Sounds very useful, looking forward to an open-source release!

  • orip

    Yes. We could maybe replace our hackish system, or supplement it.

  • tjs

    We also have our own system being developed right now for the same purpose. We are learning about the pitfalls the hard way. Having a working build configuration system out in the open would be very beneficial for many of us.

  • Matthew Rudy

    This is something I’m close to having to deal with.

    In particular, my “lite” version is going to ship with less assets than the real thing (I could make the extra assets downloadable if its the “full” version… will see what makes sense)

    But yeah,
    I’m very interested in any solutions to this rather complicated problem.

    There are a few related questions on Programmers.StackExchange
    but no great solutions as it stands.

  • Building Tech

    I have learned from this article. This article is the best I’ve ever read. Thank you.

  • imbestone


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